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Find the MGI that’s right for you! With 4 models all with different performance levels to choose from, there is a perfect MGI for every budget and golfer. Make sure to checkout the MGI Comparison Chart below to find your perfect Elenctric MGI Caddy!

Zip Navigator



The featured packed MGI Navigator is a remote-controlled trolley with powerful dual 230w motors and All-Terrain rear wheels that grip the course in any condition.

Unlike the other ZIP models, the Navigator includes the more powerful 380Wh lithium battery that can reach 36+ holes on a single charge depending on terrain.

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Zip X5


Make it a level playing field with the MGI Zip X5 with the ingenious advantage of Downhill Speed Control and an Electronic Park Brake. Such a feature allows the golfer to focus only on the next shot, leading to lower scores and increased satisfaction.

Zip X3



Packed full of desirable features, the MGI Zip X3 will turn heads with its stylish look and modernistic design whilst being effortless in its operation. For effortless play, the MGI Zip X3 is built on a platform of signature MGI features like a Controlled Distance Function, a swiveling & lockable front wheel and all terrain tread wheels.

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Zip X1


With a smooth and quiet ride, the revolutionary MGI Zip X1 electric caddy will do all the work for you so you can concentrate on your game. Feel your best to play your best. Not all electric golf caddies are the same, and with the Zip X1 you're using the best golf equipment in the game.

Zip Navigator Zip X5 Zip X3 Zip X1